How to Recycle Pots Tubs and Trays

85% of UK Local Authorities collect plastic pots, tubs and trays as part of their kerbside collections - check to see if your local council is one of them.

This includes: 

  • Yoghurt and cream pots,  soup and pasta pots
  • Margarine, ice cream and washing tablet tubs
  • Fruit and vegetable punnets, meat and ready meal trays. 

Please empty, rinse and where you can pop the lids back on. 
Remember to remove film lids and the absorbent layers and put these in the general waste. 

How clean does my recycling need to be?

At the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) all the mixed dry recycling is sorted by type (paper, cardboard, steel cans, aluminium cans, and plastics).   This process involves a lot of complex machinery which gets covered in the residue and dirt that householders place in their recycling bins.   This residue can cause machinery to breakdown.   Many UK MRF’s also have a section where the material is hand sorted, so not a pleasant job if the material is covered in food remains.   Remember also that the cleaner the recycling is the greater the quality and higher value the material will be to the recycler.   It also keeps your bin clean if you empty, rinse and dry before recycling. 

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