Kent Does ... Plastic Recycling

Pledge2Recycle Plastics is the citizen and engagement part of the national recycling charity RECOUP. We help people to cut the confusion when it comes to recycling household plastics and provide the facts behind the headlines about recycling.  To help spread the word about plastic recycling we would like schools and clubs to encourage their members, friends and families to actively get involved in plastic recycling.

Are you confused about what plastics you can recycle?  Pledge2Recycle Plastics are working with all Kent Councils to help reduce that confusion.
Together we have produced a free to download, handy reference guide.

Did you know you can recycle ALL bottles whether from the bathroom and kitchen, as well as plastic packaging in the form of a pot, tub or tray?  Remember when you recycle bottles, they should be emptied and have the tops back on. Pots, tubs and trays should have the absorbent layer and film lid removed as these need to go into general waste. You can also recycle carrier bags and other flexible wrappings at some local Sainsbury's stores.


Pledge2Recycle are running a free draw for Schools, Sports clubs and Community Litter picking groups.  Click and submit a Pledge2WIN today!




How do I recycle this product? Click to find out.

Bleach bottles
Bread Bags
Coloured trays
Fruit Trays
Ice Cream Tubs
Ketchup or Sauce bottles
Milk bottles
Pet Food Pouches
Pill Blister Pack
Plastic pop bottles
Pots tubs and trays
Washing tubs