Facts & Stats

Plastic is a valuable resource and recycling plastic packaging is a huge benefit for the environment, and your efforts really do make a difference! Here we have some great facts about how plastics recycling benefits both our environment and our economy, both nationally and for your local council!


Plastics can be recycled into so many items! Clothing, t-shirts, toys, chairs and tables, headphones, kitchen utensils, paint pots, car parts, soft cuddly toys, filling for duvets and sleeping bags, pens and pencils, building materials such as fencing, flooring, piping, etc, garden furniture, buckets, and of course, more plastic packaging … the possibilities are endless!


Not Recycling - Count the Cost!

Recycling also saves your local council money! Local authorities have targets to recycle more packaging and reduce the amount of material sent to landfill. Landfill costs have rapidly increased, and by recycling plastics more money can be spent by local authorities on other essential services.


We Can Recycle More!

Although recycling has increased, more needs to be done!

  • Less than 60 per cent of plastic bottles and 30 per cent of plastic pots, tubs and trays are collected for recycling from households in the UK



When recycling, remember to recycle all your plastic bottles! 


Who’s Collecting Your Plastics Packaging?

  • Every Council in the UK provides a collection service for plastic bottles, with only a few not collecting them directly from homes

  • Doorstep collections for plastic pots, tubs and trays are increasing with over 70% of Local Authorities offering a kerbside recycling collection

So the services are there - we just need to recycle as much plastic packaging as we can!