Corby Borough Council

National Recycling Charity, RECOUP, have joined forces with Corby Borough Council with support from Marks & Spencer plc and RPC Group plc, to deliver a programme under the Pledge2Recycle Plastics brand within Corby. 
The programme was aimed at cutting householders confusion on  what plastics can and cannot be recycled in their brown bin.

Leaflets were distributed to almost 30,000 homes in the Corby area which show some key items of plastic packaging listing what can be put in the recycling bin and what should go into the residual waste bin.  The leaflet also advises householders on the best way to present this packaging for recycling to reduce contamination and improve the quality of plastics recycling collected kerbside in the Corby area.    

The RECOUP team, who worked with the Borough Council to design and deliver the programme, brought their Plastics Recycling Roadshow to Corby Town Centre, on Thursday 23rd August.  The Roadshow showcased a range of products that can and are being made from plastic collected kerbside and the journey that plastic goes through to become new useful products, as well as competitions and games.